City Engine test

It looked a lot better before Blogger compressed the hell outta it :/

iRay Restaurant

Still noisy after 96 hours rendering...

Photoshop helps...

Table close-up...

From the entrance...

Massive Prime/Tesla test

It's not exciting, just a test. I imported one "agent" from Prime, so don't expect a LotR ruckus!

Each single frame took 7 seconds to render through V-Ray RT + Tesla + Quadro. Total frames: 990. Rendered in under 3 hours.

Probably shouldn't have attached the camera to the guy :S

Nvidia Tesla render tests

Christmas came early with Mister Tesla. Rendering times greatly reduced :)


 Roland MC 303 drum machine

Nikon D300s

Heads & Bodies

Head Variations

 Big Vern goes Evil Dead

Big Vern on fire

Christopher Walken head test

Constructing Redhead


Rendered Scenes

House Exterior


Dilapidated Dojo

Lone Wolf & Cub
P.O.W. - Pearls of Wisdom Kindle book cover
Sunset for book cover
Wood Street, Liverpool

FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool

Restaurant (V.1.0)
Restaurant (V.2.0)